I would like to thank a few people that have helped me get where I am

I am looking for some inspired people to help. Your parts, my car = something pretty cool.

+ Pro AutoSports - Race Local! club racing http://www.new.proautosports.com/

+ BusFab - Fabricator of the Main Chassis and Stainless Steel Headers

+ Weddle Transaxles & Action Auto Racing LLC - Service and expertise for their HV25 transaxle. Never failed to answer the phone and talk direct to a tech

+ Coil Over Shocks, 9" compressed and 14" extended optimal. 2X for Front

+ Fiberglass Cloth, Carbon Fiber Cloth, Epoxy Resin for the custom body-work

+ Aluminum Panels for interior/exterior, many sizes and thickness

+ 18" wheels and tires. Corvette Spindle. Yeah, Rally, Street, & Race

+ Glass Windshield

+ Fluids: Gas, Oil, Grease, and Lube